Why is PragmatIC different?

PragmatIC is a world leader in ultra low cost flexible electronics, enabling the potential for trillions of smart objects that can engage with consumers and their environments. Our unique technology platform delivers flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs) that are thinner than a human hair and can be easily embedded into everyday objects.

PragmatIC's solutions provide the opportunity to add new functionality, as well as extending proven applications such as RFID and NFC into mass market use cases previously prohibited by the cost of traditional silicon ICs. Our novel, differentiated products are being adopted by a growing base of global companies across diverse markets, including consumer goods, games, retail, pharmaceutical and security sectors.

PragmatIC is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with a new billion-unit production facility in NETPark, Sedgefield. Shareholders include Cambridge Innovation Capital, Arm Holdings and Avery Dennison.

“PragmatIC’s flexible electronics offers the most compelling and cost-effective product I’ve seen in the 20 years I’ve been involved in this industry. The company has already demonstrated a scalable and cost-effective manufacturing process. With CIC’s support, the company can now meet the pent-up demand from customers for higher volume commercial production.”

Victor Christou
Chief Executive of CIC

“Arm is committed to identifying innovative and disruptive new technology platforms. We are supporting PragmatIC as they have the potential to dramatically extend the range of form factors and economics of embedded intelligence. We see particularly compelling possibilities to embed connectivity and computational power in everyday objects at extremely low cost.”

Mike Muller
Chief Technology Officer of Arm

“We're excited about this collaboration with PragmatIC, which presents a promising opportunity to build on our high volume RFID inlay manufacturing capabilities. With PragmatIC's technology, there is the potential to extend the use of unique item-level digital identities to improve consumer experiences in a number of new segments, such as fast-moving consumer goods.”

Francisco Melo
Vice President and General Manager, Global RFID, Avery Dennison