Enabling innovative applications

With PragmatIC's ultra thin, flexible and low cost FlexICs, it is now possible to embed intelligent electronics into high volume everyday objects. Our cutting-edge technology opens up a broad range of applications and possibilities, where the cost of silicon ICs was previously a constraint, enabling potentially trillions of smart objects across many different sectors. Below are a few examples. Please contact us if you have an idea you would like to explore further.

Smart packaging 

Smart packaging enables brands and consumers to connect. Consumers can use their NFC enabled smartphones and tap on smart packaging to access personalised content such as product information and promotional offers - before, during or after purchase. By reinventing packaging as a fully interactive consumer engagement tool, companies can build brand loyalty. 

PragmatIC has developed smart packaging product concepts with major companies. These include some of the biggest consumer brands in food, beverages, household goods and personal care, as well as primary and secondary packaging companies. 

Smart packaging for FMCGs requires high capacity and low cost production, which PragmatIC’s products are designed to deliver.

Authentication features

Our innovative technology enables a new wave of authentication features. Embedded tags allow customers using their smartphones to instantly check the authenticity of a product. The low cost of PragmatIC FlexICs makes this possible for everyday items not just luxury goods.  

Product authentication

Interactive toys and games

The flexible and robust PragmatIC FlexICs are ideal for embedding into childrens’ toys, cards and board games. This enables play to become interactive in exciting new ways - connecting the physical and digital experience. For example, moving pieces and cards can be tracked or rules dynamically changed during play. 


Interactive games

Appliance consumables

PragmatIC FlexICs are ideally suited for embedding in very cost sensitive applications, such as consumables for devices like coffee machines or electric toothbrushes. Embedding intelligence into these products allows the associated device to automatically detect relevant configuration settings and track usage. Consumers can also benefit from product promotions and ease of reordering.




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