Electronics in everyday objects

PragmatIC has developed a new generation of ultra thin, low cost flexible integrated circuits, known as FlexICs, which extend electronics beyond the realm of conventional silicon integrated circuits (ICs). PragmatIC FlexLogIC® is a ground-breaking, low capital, high capacity, fully automated, fab-in-a-box, which provides a scalable and distributed manufacturing model for FlexIC production. Our products introduce intelligent electronics into everyday objects, and enable the potential for trillions of smart objects across a wide range of sectors.

PragmatIC FlexICs

Seamless fit with everyday objects

  • Thinner than a human hair
  • Flexible, robust and durable
  • No rigid interconnection points

Extremely low cost

  • 90% lower IC cost than silicon
  • 80% lower tag cost than silicon

Simple integration and production

  • Easy to migrate from designing silicon ICs to FlexICs
  • Compatible with existing IC attach systems
  • Simple tag integration
  • Full conversion line speed


PragmatIC FlexLogIC®

Scalable modular production

  • Small footprint and self-contained fab-in-a-box
  • Fully automated with integrated end-to-end process flow
  • Dramatically lower capital investment cost than silicon ICs 
  • Significantly reduced set up time 
  • Radically reduced production cycle time 
  • Highly scalable distributed manufacturing model


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