Our innovative technology

PragmatIC has developed a unique platform of patented technologies to design and manufacture our ultra thin flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs). FlexLogIC® is a self-contained, low capital, high capacity and automated fab-in-a-box that enables just-in-time manufacture of FlexICs in billions of units. At a fraction of the cost of setting up a new silicon fab, FlexLogIC production lines can be built in a much shorter timeframe. Due to its compact footprint the FlexLogIC system can be located wherever needed around the world, in a wide-range of different manufacturing environments, to meet local demand and to shorten supply chains.

All of the required process tools, e.g. for materials deposition and patterning, are integrated with a robotic wafer handling system within a self-contained clean environment. Detailed material recipes, end-to-end process flow, in-line quality monitoring and feedback control loops are implemented within the equipment and automation software, to ensure reliable production without operator intervention. FlexLogIC's automation not only supports a remarkable cycle time of less than one day, but also means that it can be operated without extensive semiconductor manufacturing experience.

PragmatIC also works very closely with its partners to qualify assembly of FlexIC using conductive adhesives and high-speed pick-and-place, or flip-chip, machines to produce products such as RFID or NFC inlays.

FlexLogIC process flow

Simplified overview

  • Precise deposition of finely-tuned functional materials
  • High-yield sub-micron patterning of multiple layers
  • Configurable to multiple products and process flows
  • Unique ID programming and functional verification
  • Compatible with industry-standard high-speed assembly

FlexLogIC benefits

Scalable modular production

  • Compact fully automated FlexIC fab
  • Efficient wafer-level scheduling for optimised throughput
  • Dramatically lower capital investment than silicon fab 
  • Radically reduced production cycle time 
  • Highly scalable distributed manufacturing model

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